Superior Barber Shop

"Haircut with a view"By appointment - Haircuts $25 - Beards $18 - Shaves $25 - hot lather neck shave.Sunday - Thursday

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Shop Information
and FAQ

Superior Barber Shop is located in Superior, AZ in Arizona's Copper Corridor. It resides in a building that was built in 1916 and is known locally as the 'Old Mitchell Store'. The shop itself is located in what was once the living room of the couple that built the house, the Mitchells.To get to the shop navigate to 98 Pinal Ave. in Superior, AZ. If you are directed to the side of the house with a fence, proceed just up Pinal and make a sharp right and another right to go to the back of the house. That street is Empalme. The shop entrance is beside a large window with a barber pole on display.We specialize in male grooming. The shop offers haircuts, beard trims, and straight razor shaves.We accept cash, Venmo, and Credit/Debit cardsThe shop is by appointment or by chance. You are always welcome to knock on the shop door if the barber pole is turning in the window. There is limited waiting room and previous appointments are honored first.Shop prices are $25.00 for haircuts (all ages), $18.00 for beard trims, and $25.00 for straight razor shaves. I can also do head shaves (same price as haircuts). All haircuts come with a warm lather neck shave.FAQDo you offer color services?-No, just haircuts, beardtrims, and shaves.Do you cut women's hair?-If you have shorter hair or wear a style that I am familiar with, then yes. If you have long hair and need a precision cut, then I would recommend finding a cosmetologist with experience with those styles.Do you cut children's hair?-Yes, if the child can sit for the cut. Please note that all haircut prices are the same. I do not use a razor for children under 13.Is your shop in a house?
-I live in the building the shop resides in. The shop is totally separate from our living space and has it's own entrance and bathroom available to customers.
Do you do touch-ups for a reduced price?- All haircuts are the same price. If you are not happy with something, you can call and return within 2 days for me to address it.Why don't you do walk-in's?
- I remodeled a room with a separate entrance in my house. While there is adequate room for a few people (for instance a father bringing two boys) - it is rather small. Also, on slower days I have the flexibility to not be tied to the shop and do other things. Why not make an appointment? I don't double book, I leave plenty of time to be ready for you when you arrive. It is private and easy to do. Simply return to my home page and click 'book now' to see my schedule and reserve your spot.
Are you a licensed barber shop?
- I am licensed with the AZ Board of Barbers as a barber and as a Barber Shop. I have a permit/business license from the Town of Superior, AZ. Yes, I am a fully licensed shop.
What is your late and or noshow policy?
-When you don't keep your appointment I lose money. I ask for 24 hour cancellation notice. I'm not a walk in shop and there generally is no one to replace you. Life happens, so on the first no call / no show or same day cancellation in a 6 month period, I make note of it. On the 2nd missed appointment, you will need to pay half of that 2nd appointment along with your next service and prepay the appointment with Venmo or Cashapp before you can book again. Appointments made online disregarding this will be cancelled. Example: you book a haircut at $25.00. After the 2nd no show in 6 months, you would owe me $37.50 in advance to book with me again, (not refundable if you do not show again) - After that you can book again as normal, but continued no shows or same day cancellations will result in you unable to book future appointments.


I have been a barber for about 6 years in Arizona. I attended Mesa Barber School right in the east valley. Originally, I am from the south, and I moved to Arizona about 8 years ago. I was formerly a middle grades math teacher.I enjoy photography, hiking, and being outside. If you follow my on @superiorbarber on Instagram you can see some of my photos I take around Superior, Arizona as well as haircut photos.


You can text or call the shop number below.If I don't answer, I may be with a customer or after hours. Please leave me a voicemail with your name, your number you would like a call back at, and what service you would like or question you may have and I will get back with you.Likewise if you text, I may not reply immediately for the same reasons. Please text your name, service(s) desired, and general day/time you are looking for and I'll get back to you ASAP.