Meet Your Local Barber

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you cut women’s hair?

I am a trained barber with no cosmetology background. I only cut women’s hair if it is a style similar to what I typically cut (buzz cuts, comb overs, pompadours, etc). Long layered cuts and precision cuts such as an a-line bob would be examples of cuts I do not do.

Do you do color?

I do not do color services.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept Cash. I can also accept Venmo or Cashapp for a small surcharge of $1.00 to cover processing.

Do you do hot towel shaves?

I do hot towel straight razor shaves. In addition, every haircut gets a warm lather neck shave.

Cancellations policy

Same day cancellations cost my business money because I am not a walk in shop and there is not steady walk in traffic due to that.

One same day cancellation can be made in a 6 month period with no penalty. A second same day cancellation within the 6 month period will result in being asked to pay half the cost of the missed service before your next haircut.

No call no show

Same policy as same day cancellations. repeated instances of either may lose ability to book with business.